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Located in Mansfield, Ohio, Budokai Martial Arts is a school dedicated to self-perfection and self-protection.

Our philosophies of are extended to students to build strong, powerful youth, adults and communities.


At Budokai Martial Arts, we learn a mixed martial arts system with 12 Japanese lineages that have over 900 years of tradition.  We are dedicated to teaching our students the secrets to self-improvement and personal empowerment, which have been passed down over many centuries

Our students are on a life journey to become modern day "warriors".  Our definition of a warrior is an empowered and compassionate protector of others.  When our students walk into a room, everyone there is safer because of their presence.  Our philosophy helps our students get what they want 
life, while making the world a better place.


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Conducting Survive Warrior Weekend's tactical movement drills and hand-to-hand combat is 5th-degree black belt, Mike Messner, who has trained extensively with some of our nation's top military instructors.


  • Budokai Aiki Ninjutsu

    • 5rd-Degree Blackbelt 

  • SKH Quest Center 

    • To-Shin Do Black Belt
  • Jizaikan Aiki-Ninjutsu

    • 1st-Degree Blackbelt

  • Conflict Resolution Training Certified

    • Chicago, IL

  • Red Cross  

    • CPR, First Aid, AED

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