September 23-25, 2022

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Hosted by Budokai Martial Arts, Survive Warrior Weekend is a three-day event in the Mohican forest (Camp Nuhop's new 2nd location, formally the Mohican Outdoor School) where participants learn the skills necessary to stealthfully navigate a woody terrain, escape life-threatening scenarios, understand psychological operations (psyops), how to eat off the land, how to pick a lock, room clearing to safely escape from a hostile situation, how to use blowguns, and more, while learning to work as a team.


Pay very close attention to the lessons throughout Friday and Saturday, because teams will be put to the test Saturday night with a scenario similar to a military mission where teams will work to accomplish 5 - 6 tasks that have clues to lead them to the next task, all while moving stealthily as a team without being spotted by the roaming guards! The first team to successfully accomplish all the tasks wins the team mission challenge!

Upon the conclusion of Saturday night's team challenge, participants are encouraged to attend the campfire social.

Sunday is all about challenges to overcome fears, and bonding activities.

Lodging included for Friday and Saturday night. Meals will be provided Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Sunday breakfast and lunch.

Ages 13+



You may choose from the shared lodge, or private rooms. 
Please note that the shared lodge accommodations are dorm style, meaning shared rooms, unless choosing the private room option for a $50 upgrade.  

Shared Lodge


Private Room

Space is limited